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Murder is the only crime which does not lapse

On August 17th 1987 after 46 years of imprisonment, the life of the last detainee of the four-powers prison Berlin-Spandau, came to an end under mysterious circumstances.

On that very same day, the announcement was spread that the 93 years old Rudolf Hess committed suicide in the early afternoon hours. Within a few days the allied prison directors presented four different courses of events.

Every single version simply increased the doubts on the credibility of the suicide thesis. Contemporaneously the family of the deceased, along with large public support, tried to clear up the end of the old man of Spandau. The resulting perceptions of this investigation could never be brought in line with the proclaimed suicide-thesis.

Until nowadays the end of Rudolf Hess is not doubtlessly clarified. One reason therefore is the retention period, the British imposed on the investigation files. Without these files it is non-verifiable , if there is legit proof for the suicide-thesis or just concealment of a crime.

This year is the year of the 31th obit of the last inmate of “Spandau”. Concurrently the retention period of the official investigation files ends. It finally seems possible to solve this case beyond any propaganda and with constitutional means.

The interest of the federal republic concerning the destiny of Rudolf Hess has been quite poor until nowadays. 31 years after his death, 73 years after the end of world war two, 77 years after his flight to England it still seems like one would rather put a veil of silence over the incitements.

A clumsy move by a country, where everybody has supposedly the same rights.

Irrespective of one mans impact on the history, it is a constitutional states duty to resolve the question weather his life ended through murder or suicide.

A suppression of the case can not and should not be possible in a constitutional state.

Therefore, on August 18th 2018, we want to publicly emphasize our claim for the deallocation of the files and the conclusive refurbishment of the circumstances of Rudolf Hess’s death in Berlin-Spandau

More than 30 years of propaganda and conjecture are enough!

This website will accompany the mobilisation for the demonstration with the slogan:
“Murder doesn’t lapse!  Release the files – Justice not revenge!”